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BU and AUB’s best dressed on campus this month

Back at it again for this month’s looks

Once again The Tab Bournemouth took to BU and AUB campuses this week, on the look out for some well put-together outfits for this month's edition of best dressed.

I'm not sure if it was because expectations were so high from February, or if it was the miserable weather, but campuses were quiet, and there weren't so many impressive garms.

Nevertheless, here are the stylish few that we did manage to hunt down.

Katie, third year Fashion Photography

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What's not to love about a pink jumpsuit?

Katie wore a baby pink jumpsuit and some white Air Force 1s – and she looks gorg. It's an effortless but bold style and to be honest we need some colour in this rain.

Nina, third year Multimedia Journalism

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Spot the diss book on the floor

Nina wore some oh-so-in-right-now side stripe trousers, white Stan Smiths, a classic white jumper and an over-sized coat to die for. Tying this chic look together, Nina added a simple book bag/tote. Also – can we talk about the hair braid? Such a fun touch, I love it.

Fred, third year Visual Communications

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You just can't go wrong with a trench coat

Boys, a long trench coat over any outfit will make you look 10x better in my opinion. Fred is doing exactly that. He's wearing simple jeans and trainers (with funky laces might I add), but by adding a smart coat it looks like he's made all the more effort. He's also gone the extra mile and added a cool scarf, well done Fred.

Katie, first year Make-Up, and friends

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Rollers are back

Katie and course mates Lisa, Emily, Talia and Alexandra caught my eye wearing rollers and eating lunch. A fashion statement if I ever saw one. Also, Katie's skirt gave me hella D&G vibes so I was obsessed.

Come and find The Tab Bournemouth on BU and AUB campuses on the first Monday of every month for a chance to show us your 'fits and be featured in next month's best dressed.