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It took me 11 hours to drive from Bournemouth to Guildford and all I had to eat was two biscuits

Storm Emma is causing chaos

Here in the UK, a little bit of snow grinds the country to a halt, and in Bournemouth it's no different.

One Bournemouth student found herself right in the centre of the travel carnage that the weather has caused, and was stuck in her car for an entire 11 hours for a journey that was only supposed to take 90 minutes.

Second year Journalism student Sophie Tizit was on her way to Guildford but soon found herself stranded on the A31 and had to spend the whole night there.

Sophie told The Tab Bournemouth: "My cousin came over from France to visit and she had her flight to go back today, so I wanted to make sure I was back in Guildford the night before so we wouldn’t have to rush today.

"At about 3 o’clock yesterday the snow became quite heavy, the road in Southbourne was pretty much deserted, people were playing on the road so I thought we should leave then."

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Sophie had just been giving her cousin a lift as a favour

Sophie and her cousin then left for Guildford, a journey which takes you along the A31 – which was later declared a major incident area.

By that time, Sophie was already there.

She added: "I've never driven in such heavy snow, so I was a bit scared to be honest.

"People struggled, their cars were sliding around, wheels going crazy."

Sophie says that although she didn't see any accidents, she did see a lot of people leaving their cars to try and find somewhere to stay for the night.

Sophie's journey from hell didn't end there, when part way through the hold up her car battery died – the car switched off and there was no heating system.

"I proper panicked, it was because I turned my car off but left my lights on. So I turned everything off, lights, radio all of it and waiting till the traffic moved again.

"I put my foot on the accelerator, put the ignition on, took my foot off the accelerator and turned the car on and that worked thank God. The battery managed to charge itself in about half an hour."

But how did she survive you might ask? 11 hours is a pretty long time to be stuck in a car, and Sophie says it wasn't exactly easy.

"We had Red Bull, cola and lots of water in the car, so that was good. But we only had a couple of biscuits and were starving."

Sophie and her cousin set out at about 4:30pm yesterday and arrived in Guildford at 4am this morning. Just a bit of a chaotic journey then.