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The drop out rate for international students at BU has reached record highs

Most students listed “other personal reasons” when withdrawing

More and more international students are dropping out of Bournemouth University every year.

Last year's drop out statistics for international students was the highest rate since 2012, with 72 people leaving BU in 2016/2017 alone.

The data was released after a public request, outlining international student drop out rates from 2012 onwards.

Amid the increasing numbers, Bournemouth University has recently been pushing its equality and diversity campaigns in a bid to make more and more students feel welcome.

The breakdown of dropouts is as follows:

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The most popular reason for dropping out was "other personal reasons", one of the six options given to students as a reason for their withdrawal. Others include academic, personal, accommodation, financial and health.

One international student told The Tab Bournemouth how her BU experience has been so far:

"It took me a while to adjust to everyone's accents and my first lecture was a struggle to understand what was being said. But I have never felt like an outsider here in Bournemouth.

"From the moment I arrived I've felt like I belonged. I love the people here. My friends have definitely become my family."

Bournemouth University offers help and guidance to students thinking of withdrawing from their studies, with student wellbeing and other services on hand to support you.