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Introducing BU and AUB’s best dressed on campus

Who knew Bournemouth was so on point?

The Tab Bournemouth took to BU and AUB campuses this week, in search for the most supreme outfits of the month.

As expected, you lot didn't disappoint. From puffer jacket heaven to some sickening creps – in no particular order – here's a compilation of the finest.

Chantal Ciaffardini, a makeup artist visiting BU

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I need those glasses.

Chantal wore a daring yellow tracksuit paired with an oversized coat, some must-have Vans, a grey beanie and glasses to die for. She can style me any day.

Claudia, second year Events Management

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She's got her insta pose down to a T.

Claudia looked sick in all-blue with a pop of white. She wore a dark blue oversized cropped Adidas sweatshirt, a fitted blue crop top, dark blue distressed jeans, and some classic white sneaks. Very coordinated, Claudia.

Harry, Fashion Design foundation, and Freddie, Fine Art foundation

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Where do I sign up for the anti-social social club?

Over at AUB was Harry on the left, and Freddie on the right. Harry sported some classic Dr. Martens, an oversized wax jacket and a t-shirt/shirt combo. Freddie wore some jazzy checked trousers, black Air Force 1s, a pink beanie and a slogan hoodie. Pls let me borrow your clothes boys.

Cindy, fourth year Marketing

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The hair of dreams.

Cindy wore an all-black 'fit and I'm obsessed. Her ensemble included Old Skool Vans, wide-legged trousers, a high neck cropped jumper and a long black trench coat, all pulled together with some gold hoops and turquoise hair. Who needs to wear colour when your hair has your back?

Aaron, second year Industrial Design

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Spot the flag logo.

Aaron (A-A-Ron) had steeze. Sporting a Ralph Lauren puffer jacket, skinny jeans, white Nikes and a cap, Aaron made a day at uni look trouble-free. Outfit complete with a duffel bag in hand – I approve.

Min, Masters in Film and Television Production

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I wish I could pull this off tbh.

Last but not least is Min. Min looked effortless in some wide-legged jeans, a white puffer jacket, essential Adidas Superstars, and a slogan hoodie. Simply gorgeous.

You can catch The Tab Bournemouth around BU and AUB campuses on the first Monday of every month, looking for more best dressed peeps.