Krept and Konan are coming to your favourite Bournemouth club

An excuse to get even more turnt during Easter bank hol weekend

The award-winning South London duo, Krept and Konan, are going to be performing at Cameo.

So whilst you sip your blue VKs to get rid of the hangover from the previous night's Cameo Wednesday, you can feel better knowing that they're going to be in the building on Thursday, March 29th.

They definitely won't be "wasting your time" (if you don't get the joke, then maybe question whether you're a true fan) for the five hours they're performing live, from 10pm to 3am.

Here's to the sickest 2018 now that they're coming to B-town.

With their new album, 7 Days 7 Nights, that has just been released, they're defo gonna pop out some bangers on the night. Shazam will one hundred per cent be your saviour.

Maybe it's this support from Bournemouth, which Krept and Konan retweeted, that made them want to come visit…

You'll also get to see Cameo's swanky new main room if you haven't seen it already, but let's be honest, you're buzzing so much that you couldn't possibly wait a whole month.

The event is expected to sell out – and Cameo have said that "other guests" will be arriving – which just makes it all the more exciting.

Tickets start from £10.

Featured image via @kreptplaydirty on Instagram.