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Bournemouth’s fittest fresher: The male WINNER revealed

He was miles ahead of the competition

Luke Fines (damn he is fine), a Business student, has been crowned your fittest fresher of the 2017-2018 year!

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Over 1,000 of you voted in the competition overall, and Luke raced to the top amongst tough competition. In the final round, he took a solid 53% of the vote confirming his place as top dog.

Here's what the final results looked like:

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Luke, who was nominated for his "beautiful hair, massive muscles and model good looks" has graced BU with much more than a wonderful personality, making his girlfriend the real winner. The Brighton boy can't get enough of Cameo, and his fetish for Theresa May isn't all he's offering.

When asked about his win, Luke said: "Thank you to my parents for all they've done to create me, and to my friends for keeping me grounded. The competition was good, just not quite good enough."

Oh, and here's his Instagram too in case you want more Fines in your life.

What a lovely guy, eh?