New Year’s resolutions every Bournemouth student needs to make

Don’t lie, you definitely have some of these habits

New Year, New Me. The gym is packed, everyone you know is doing 'dry January' and eating quinoa salads.

But if you're not inspired by that maybe you need to consider making some of these resolutions instead.

Stop leaving my essays until the last minute

You might start it the day it you get the brief but you’ll still be finishing it come 3am deadline day because you never learn.

Actually do the required reading for my course

"I’m definitely going to keep up with the reading list", you say to yourself confidently at the start of the semester, but like a slippery slope, neglect one week and before you know it you’re six weeks behind, knee deep in coursework and resigning you’ll try for a first again next year.

This could be you!

Stop spending so much money on VKs in Cameo

At £5 for two, you confidently stroll away from the bar with four in one hand. Cut to several drunk contactless purchases later and you’re staring in despair at your disappearing overdraft wondering what went wrong.

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Stop losing my bank card, keys, ID etc.

A great night was had by all but you lost your phone, wallet, purse and possibly your dignity in the process. An expensive mistake, made only marginally better by the men in Munchies giving you a free kebab. The worst is when you finally get a replacement and then find the old one days later.

Walk to uni once in a while instead of getting the bus

The house was sold to you as only a ‘15- minute walk from uni’ by Enfields, although you’re yet to prove this claim as you’ve caught the bus every day since you moved in.

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Won't be needing this!

Stop spending 8 hours in the library with nothing to show for it

You know the drill – you walk in at 9am (okay maybe 10), armed with your £3 meal deal ready to take on the day. Cut to eight hours later and you’ve listened to your entire playlist twice on Spotify, watched four hours of pointless clips on YouTube and written three lines of your essay. Damn it!!

Stop spending £20 a week at the student shop and Starbucks

You could make lunch but you don’t because that extra five minutes in bed is just too appealing, and you can’t resist the lure of a caramel macchiato at least twice a day because hey, you’re working hard, you need coffee. Unfortunately, your bank balance would be thankful if you left this habit in 2017.

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Stop making unrealistic New Year’s resolutions

Because no one is perfect and you’ve just decided to accept your fate instead of making resolutions you will most likely fail at.

Happy New Year everyone!

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