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Bournemouth’s fittest freshers: the girls FINAL

This is a very close race

Over 1,000 votes have been cast to find our seaside town's fittest fresher, and the time has come for the final round. You narrowed down six delightful girls to the final three, to battle it out and earn their crown. Here's your finalists, you know what to do next.

Ami Mumby, top of the poles

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Racking in over a third of all votes, Ami is the strong female lead you've been looking for. The Surrey girl, who really likes the look of Barack Obama, is a self confessed trendy gal – what more could you want? She might have wet herself one time when she was drunk, but take her for a cheeky Nando's and she might melt your heart.

Lois Browne, your favourite all rounder

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With over 100 votes to her name, Lois is fighting off the competition in second place. You already think she's a 12/10, so why not put her in first place? The history student might be what you were looking for all along.

Lois Saunders, completing the final three

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A sassy bundle of joy and Hugh Grant fangirl, Lois is the last contestant to make it into the final. Take her bowling or for a bike ride and the Essex girl will be all smiles. Don't let her forget the time she went topless for over an hour in Cameo though – a true Bournemouth spirit.