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Bournemouth’s fittest fresher: the boys FINAL

They’re all delights

Your votes flooded through to find the fittest boy at BU, and you won't be disappointed. But it's not over yet – we've narrowed the competition down to three heartthrobs for you to gaze over, and pick the ultimate fit fresher. Thank us later.

Luke Fines, the top dog

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Bringing in nearly one third of total votes, Luke certainly looks like your favourite so far. He's put his days of sober nightclubbing behind him, spending time with his girlfriend instead. Will the Brighton boy top the poles and win the crown?

Paul Liba, your sporty fav

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Oh, you want a London boy you say? Well Paul is the guy for you. This single student is seeking an equally caring girl, preferably one who looks like Maggie Lindemann. Take him to the funfair and you've found his soft spot.

Tyler Pickford, the social sec to top all

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Here he is, the rugby boy and crowd-pleaser that is Tyler. He's turned down a threesome before, is there anything this boy can't do? He'll take you out on his daddy's jet, demolish some caviar and who knows what next. Is he the king you want to crown?