UPDATE: The Old Fire Station was forced to close early last night because of a ‘serious incident’

‘Everyone was crowded around him and all I saw was blood’


Update 28/11/17: An eyewitness, who was the first person to see the boy who was injured, has said to The Tab Bournemouth: "Nobody was bottled Saturday night. I was the first person to see the guy get punched in the jaw and collapse to the floor.

"I went over to check on him and noticed blood. I asked people to get security and first-aiders. Another two girls came along and helped. We noticed him start to go blue and between the three of us, performed CPR, pressurised the wound and talked through the ambulances procedures.

"He started breathing and gaining consciousness after a few minutes. The guy who did it ran away straight away.

"To everyone booing and throwing abusive comments at the exact time it happened, should be ashamed. We needed the music off and the lights on to keep this guy alive and breathing. All the staff and security were very helpful and did their absolute best."

SUBU has also released a statement, which mirrored previous statements from the venue and organisers, but added: "An investigation is going on into the cause of the fall which appears to have resulted in the injury."


The Enter and Drumfunk event at The Old Firestation had to shut down early last night because of an incident that took place.

At around 11.20pm, people were kicked out of the club after someone was injured in one of the rooms.

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A member of staff from the venue said that someone had fallen, "whacked their head and lost a lot of blood and become unconscious."

Another person alleges that the person was bottled before "throwing up blood" – but this has not been confirmed.

The Old Fire Station released a statement earlier today, which read:

"We are currently reviewing last nights situation. The venue was closed early due to a serious incident in one of the rooms. Emergency services were called and we were then instructed to close the venue so that the incident could be resolved. We are sorry for the inconvenience this caused a large amount of customers, however the safety of all our customers is a top priority. We have been informed the person involved is ok and recovering in hospital. "

Enter and Drumfunk released a similar statement via their Facebook page.

It added that police had been informed about the incident that was beyond their control, and that they are working with Fire Station to reschedule the event.

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One eyewitness told The Tab Bournemouth: "As soon as I walked into the venue (about 11.20pm) I headed to the bar and saw everyone was crowded around him and all I saw was blood."

Others share their views via the statements on the Facebook pages. One said: "When did raves stop being about having fun and love?"

Another added: "The circumstances of tonight were tragic and awful. I'm sorry for whatever and whoever got hurt but I paid money to see the artists pay, therefore are we entitled to refunds?"

A final comment said that event organisers who "work their assess off" shouldn't be blamed for "some moron that ruined it for the rest".

More information as it comes.

If anyone saw what happened last night and has any information please get in touch via The Tab Bournemouth Facebook page.