Reasons why you should get into a relationship this cuffing season, before chucking them in January

Relationship season starts now

Cuffing season is officially here, and by cuffing season, I mean the time even the free-est of souls begin searching for a partner to 'Netflix and chill' with through the colder months in a desperate attempt to shake the winter blues.

We all secretly know all relationships are good for is cuddles and Christmas presents, but if you're not completely convinced then here you go.

First of all, summer cuddles are NOT sexy

The cold weather is perfect to cuddle up in bed and watch The X Factor on a Saturday night, but summer boasts a whole new range of traumatic issues.

Physical contact is a big NO – unless you enjoy that sound of flesh peeling when you move out of a cuddle, or the fart noise when your sweaty palms get stuck together.

Don’t even get me started on the sensation of having two peoples body heat stuck under one, thick duvet. I’d rather be dragged out of bed kicking and screaming, Paranormal Activity style.

Date nights and dress codes

Winter in Bournemouth is magical when it comes to romance. The cliche, cheesy dates finally become acceptable the exact day the ice rink comes to the Lower Gardens (November 16th, FYI).

But while we all love donning a hat, scarf and the coat we brought in the winter sales we still haven't worn yet, the summer just isn't so romantic.

Starting with the obvious, with a beautiful beach on our doorstep, will you be ready for the pure jealousy? Bikini bods and cuffed boys are not a good mix is all I'm saying.

The real issue is actually the fact that Bournemouth Airport directly flies to Palma – it's called Shagaluf for a reason.

Now, let’s talk about the gifts

To a single person, every holiday season calls for a bitter social media ban. The countless photos of Michael Kors bags and Pandora rings, accompanied by even more #LuckyGirl and #BoyDoneGood captions can get tedious after the first one.

But, imagine if the shoe was on the other foot? Imagine waking up on Christmas morning and being treated EXACTLY how you deserve? Enough said.

But, the most important part of cuffing season is definitely New Year's Eve

Wouldn't it be nice to be kissed by someone you've known for more than ten minutes and who's name you can actually remember? A girl can dream.

So, treat this as your official warning. Go get yo'self a man/lady, but make sure they're gone by January 8th. New Year's resolutions and all that.

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