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Exclusive: Nearly £1 million was spent on mental health services at Bournemouth University last year

The uni are spending more on students’ well being

Bournemouth University's mental health budget has been revealed, and it's risen by almost a third in recent years.

The university has sent The Tab a breakdown of their spending allowances, showing how much more money is being given year on year to spend on student well-being.

£917,405 was provided last academic year to three different sectors, nearly £300,000 higher than their 2013/2014 figure.

Amid increasing pressure on universities to provide services which are good enough – this is the breakdown of BU allowances in the last academic year.

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The money counted was given to counselling, the doctors surgery and disability support allowances (DSA) as all three provide mental health services.

Last year, £151,781 was given to counselling, £715,624 to DSA and £50,000 to the services and maintenance at the doctor's surgery.

With more being given to DSA than any other service, BU has allocated more money year on year for mental health in various shapes and forms.

Funding stepped up for counselling services and the doctor's surgery too, aiming to better support students seeking help.

Year on year BU is spending more

The numbers are a huge rise compared to previous years, helping students in any way possible to assist with their mental health.

BU provides talking therapies, drop in sessions, well-being advice and confidential help for anyone who feels they want to talk, which you can find out more about here.

If you are struggling with mental health, please reach out. Organisations like the Samaritans are here to help, while your local GP can refer you to a specialist.