Revolution are swapping old pound coins for vodka shots

I am now a customer with the bank of Revs

If you need a quick way to get rid of your old pound coins then look no further – Revolution are swapping them for their famous flavoured vodka shots.

Old pound coins can only be used legally until October 15th but luckily this offer runs up til the 13th, which gives us eight days of none stop sesh.

The flavours that are in the handcrafted range include: cherry, chilli, caramel popcorn, apple, dr pepper, cola, black cherry, watermelon, peanut butter jelly, lemon and lime, peach, bubblegum, sour berry, pear drop, mango and pineapple, raspberry, rhubarb and custard and strawberry. That's a lot of pound coins.

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Sounds like a good excuse to get on it.

Someone in Rev's marketing team deserves a promotion.