All the types of people that you find at every Bournemouth club night

If you don’t recognise them, it’s probably you

Bournemouth boasts a variety of clubs from mainstream to more niche music venues which makes it one of the best places to be a student. Wherever you’ve been you’ve probably encountered a certain type of person – here's what to look out for on one of your many nights out.

Toast Tuesdays

The oh so young or the oh so old. Expect to see the queues for this one out the door before the sun even sets. Toast Tuesdays is one of Bournemouth’s worst kept secrets, locals swarm this ‘student’ night and most of them either aren’t old enough to be there or are too old to still be going there.

I swear I’m not too old for freshers week I promise #huf #bournemouth

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Cameo Wednesday

The sports socials and the hen party locals. Farm animals, hippies, neon face paint? Wednesday night is the home of socials and they love fancy dress. Just hope you don’t get stuck behind the rugby team in the queue.

Vinyl specifically is something else. Imagine the student version of a hen party. Large groups of girls and guys singing to Wonderwall with their arms round each other.

Zoo party??

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Football hooligans and lads lads lads if you enter just after a match and that's not exclusively students. Best for Snakebite Sundays or for when Toast is too busy. You never really plan to go to Walkabout but somehow it just happens?

The Old Fire Station

Every student has been here at some point. It’s pretty much got something for everyone, expect to bump into ex flames, old flatmates and that weird guy you met in freshers all in one night.

a look of disgust and confusion, but mostly admiration x

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This is basically people who think they are too cool for Cameo but really are not. You’ll probably see people flashing their VIP Halo card and posing for pics with the cast of Made In Chelsea like they're the one doing the appearance. The place is normally always boasting about the attendance of some washed up reality star no one really cares about.

Which one is the celebrity here?


Kinda upmarket kinda not? Your typical lost attendee dresses up for the VIP booths for the obligatory sparkling champagne bottle Instagram photo and then just gets drunk on monkey cocktails and the whole dressing up escapade is sort of wasted.

Lost? Completed it mate.

The Bunker

For lovers of D&B this underground sweaty rave is right up your street. Prepare for a damn good skanking at one of their music events. Everyone here you meet is sweaty. That is all.

Don't say we didn't warn you.