BU has a new halls complex which everyone should be really, really jealous of

It puts Dorchester to shame

Bournemouth uni has worked wonders for this year's freshers, giving them a brand spanking new halls complex.

Home Park is slap bang in student central, bringing a bit of colour to Christchurch Road, and plenty of keen students ready to study…obviously.

The complex is run by Fresh Student Living, who already have Mercury House and are set to open a new building, Oxford Point, around this time next year.


And if you already wish you were a fresher this year, you'll be even more jealous now. Move over Cranborne, a new halls is in town.

Lucky students have the luxury of en suites, 3/4 beds and it all kinda looks like a hotel in comparison to older blocks.

Just three weeks to go until we welcome you all here at Home Park! Check out the pictures below to catch a glimpse of our new common room with games and ! #3weeks #Bournemouth #uni #relax

Posted by Home Park Bournemouth Student Accommodation on Thursday, August 24, 2017

Two communal lounges are also there for prime pre-drink locations, along with a perfectly laid out kitchen (for beer pong let's be real) and everything just looks really new and glowy.

They even offer their students free breakfast every now and then because you know, why not?

FEEL GOOD FRIDAY!Happy Friday everyone! Make sure you start your day right with some breakfast! There is a selection…

Posted by Home Park Bournemouth Student Accommodation on Friday, January 19, 2018

Anything new is always a perk, but these halls have really upped the game. Everything is white and polished, with a more homely feel than the older buildings.


I hope you all appreciate the luxuries of halls, because it certainly isn't forever.