The best ways to cure your hangover in Bournemouth

Not being dramatic but I think I might be dead

We all know the feeling after a night out- you either wake up half drunk and loving life and then it hits you a few hours later, or you just wake up feeling like death has cursed you in your sleep.

Hangovers are not cool. But in Bournemouth there are lots of things to help get you back to your 'normal' self.

Don't look at me I'm recovering

Don't look at me I'm recovering

We have multiple KFCs

Obviously KFC. Some greasy chicken can do wonders to a hangover. There's KFC Lansdowne, Winton, Poole – we're honestly spoilt for choice. And you’re failing if you don’t get the beans as a side.

Look at all those chickens

Look at all those chickens

Iceland Winton

Another amazing cure is Iceland. Hear me out here. The land of freezers can produce some amazing munch. A huge garlic pizza bread, chicken burgers and even popcorn chicken. This shop has you sorted.

Dominos £2 pizzas

Get your A-list card and you can enjoy £2 personal pizzas from Dominos all year. That greasy pepperoni will do you wonders.


Breakfast is the best thing to try and cure your hangover. The longer you don’t eat, the longer you will feel like poop. It is for me anyway. Get some breakfast in you asap rocky and you’ll feel fresh and ready for that lecture (no thanks Cobham).

The Inferno now does a giant sharing cooked breakfast. You get eight slices of bacon, eight sausages, eight hash browns, scrambled egg, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, unlimited coffee and unlimited toast all for just £20! Amazing.

Just about enough for one

The beach

Tbf a walk along the beach just cures all. In Bournemouth we are v lucky to have such an amazing beach and you seriously should make the most of it, especially to get some fresh air back into your dying body on a Thursday morning.

Or just have another drink, hair of the dog and all that

Cameo anyone?

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