There’s a meme circulating of a BU promo video and there’s definitely a bottle of vodka in the background

It’s literally on someone’s office desk

Promo videos for universities can be pretty dull at the best of times, but our good ole Bournemouth really knows how to rock the boat.

A meme has been posted on Twitter of a screen shot from what is allegedly a promotional video for the faculty of management at BU with a bottle of Smirnoff vodka poking out behind a computer screen in the background.

The link has since been taken off YouTube, however the title of the screen shot from the meme says 'Management at Bournemouth University' as the video title.

The blunder was spotted by a Twitter account with over 618k followers, so any hope that it went unnoticed vanished quicker than your summer savings during Freshers' Week.

Finally, the viral recognition we deserve.

If this isn't the perfect advertisement to attract freshers, then I don't know what is, although a bottle of tropical VK would be a definite improvement.

BU might not exactly be #BUProud of the discovery, but Twitter, and students up and down the country, seem to think it sums up the university experience.

I mean, none of us are judging. Sometimes when you're in a rush Cameo Wednesday pres have to be started behind your desk.