There’s a new club event coming to Bournemouth where the drinks get cheaper and cheaper throughout the night

It’s launching for Freshers’ Week

I bet I can guess just what you want to hear before Freshers' Week kicks off – there's new events and they are cheap and cheerful.

Well as if by magic, here it is.

Streamlace Thursdays – a BU student led campaign – promise to bring the biggest drink price drop game in the UK to the South Coast.

The nights will be every week at Revolution, where guests will watch live screens around the venue to keep track of the ever dropping drinks prices.



Josh Kelly, owner of the event and a BU student, told The Tab: "As students ourselves, we know the importance of money management. By encouraging working alongside other students and local DJs we aim to get everyone participating to create a fun and sociable atmosphere, appealing for a student budget.

"We will have a wide range of great music and a game-like concept for everyone to participate in, this is something unique in Bournemouth nightlife that we hope is an enjoyable experience as well as something that's talked about around campus."

Off to Revs wbu

Off to Revs wbu

The music is said to be a mix of afrobeats, bassline, club classics, drum and bass, garage, grime, hip hop and pop – so basically every genre that has ever existed.

It launches on September 21st, so just in time to be a unique addition to what is already looking like a jam-packed Freshers'.

Tickets and information are available from the event website here or their Facebook page.