Wok 2 Go takeaway has been shut down because of a rat infestation

Health inspectors found rat droppings in the food prep area

Bournemouth’s Wok 2 Go has been shut down due to a serious rat infestation.

Health inspectors shut down the Chinese takeaway on Holdenhurst Road when the rats were discovered during a routine visit on Friday September 8th.

Droppings and urine were found in the basement of the restaurant, as well as in the food preparation area.

Just a few doors down from Lyme Regis accommodation, new students will be heart broken that they never got to try some Wok.

Where do we go after Lollipop Fridays now?

Where do we go after Lollipop Fridays now?

The takeaway had previously boasted about its five star hygiene rating. Seriously??

An emergency prohibition notice has been taped to the door reading: “There is evidence of a rat infestation existing in the food preparation area and the basement”.

It goes on to say: “The decision has been taken to close the takeaway because of the risk of contamination of open food, work surfaces and equipment by rat urine and rat faeces”.

Council officials have said it will not reopen until it is ‘fully compliant’ with health rules.

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