A freshers’ guide to BU: The essentials you should remember to pack

Let’s hope the lifts are working when you move in

Moving to uni is stressful enough, let alone deciding what to pack.

So here’s a brief list of some lil hints of what to bring, some serious, some not so serious, covering a bundle of your packing woes, enjoy.


It does actually get really sunny down by the beach – even though you’re in England. They double up as nice hangover hiders after a Cameo Wednesday too – truly a worthwhile investment.


Mattress protector

Unless you want to sleep on concrete for an entire year, mattress protectors are the way forward. Halls aren’t known for their comfortable beds, and for some the downgrade to a single is all too much to take. Treat yo’self to a not-too-expensive protector, you can thank me later.

“I’d like a good nights sleep please”

A spare mood lamp

Aware of how unnecessary this seems, bringing a spare mood lamp is weirdly needed. Some of the halls supply mood lamps but it is inevitable that yours will get broken at some point along the line. Hop online and buy a spare if you reckon this will happen to you, because let’s be honest, it will.

A vintage jacket

Nothing screams try-hard AUB (that’s the arts uni if you don’t know) quite like a vintage logo somewhere on your body, so a jacket can do just the job. A mix between roadman and aspiring artist should do you well.

fashion baby

Laundry bag

In the unlikely circumstance that your mum hasn’t already taken you out to buy one of these in the summer, grab a laundry bag instantly. You’ll be trekking up and down your accommodation all year with endless piles of laundry to the inconvenient and frankly problematic laundry machines, so make the experience a bit more enjoyable with a sturdy container for all your wavey garms.

Flip flops

Bournemouth is obviously coastal, and flip flops just complete the look you’ll defo achieve once you start here. Campus is ablaze with exposed toes which no one really wants to see, but everyone seems to wear flip flops anyway. After all, if you’re bringing your bare feet to the beach you might as well show them off at uni too.

there is quite a lot of sand


Theft of cutlery is an actual epidemic in halls and having a secret stash in your room is perfectly acceptable and more common than it might seem. Hoard that shit before exam season kicks in and no one leaves their room for days, otherwise you’ll never see that nice spoon again.


A BU pen you picked up at an open day

Don’t be that kid who turns up at the introductory lectures without a pen. Instead, scavenge around your house for the BU pens you probably have 100 of and bring those along, for all those very important adult things you’ll be doing in the future, or something like that.

Fancy dress costumes

Varsity dress up is every Wednesday for an absolutely chaotic night out, so let your wild side out. These will definitely get their five minutes of fame.

“I’m wearing jeans and a nice top”

Good luck young warrior.