If you go to Bournemouth uni you will officially have a higher salary after graduation

There is a god and he loves BU

In data released by The Economist on graduate earnings, Bournemouth was amongst the top five unis in the country for boosting salary potential.

This looked at tax returns to see how much graduates were earning after five years.

The salaries were compared to how much the graduates would be expected to earn based on things like their subject choice, family income, exam results and whether they went to state or private schools.

The comparison of expected earnings and real earnings then shows how much the university is responsible for any boost in earnings.

Bournemouth came fourth in the whole country – graduates' actual earnings were on average £26,671 compared to the expected £23,942.

via The Economist

via The Economist

The top university is Portsmouth, who boast adding over £3,000 to their graduates' earnings.

At the other end of the scale is St Andrew's where graduates earn nearly £5,000 less than what would normally be expected.

The results do have significant flaws, as they are completely based on one year's graduates, but tbh, we're totally gonna take this one.