Vote for Summer Ball 2017’s best dressed: Round One

Wavey garms

Summer Ball 2017 was historic. The biggest BU has ever had and the costumes didn’t disappoint either.

For the past week you’ve been sending in your nominations for best dressed and we’ve compiled a short list for you to vote for your favs. The top five will then be put into a final head to head battle to be named SUBU Summer Ball 2017’s best dressed.

Let battle begin.

Trashy mum and her two beautiful twins

10/10 for props

Jess Emery, Roo Holbrook and Alex Hemmings who are third year TV Production students would give Jeremy Kyle a run for his money with this one.

Nothing to see here, just a shower

Both practical and creative

The shower is also known as Abbie Thompson, a fourth year Business Studies student.

AUB Galdem 

All third year students at the arts uni, the gals are definitely the best fairies you will ever see. I bet those wings got a bit in the way by the end though.

Tacky Tourists

Always trust a man that pulls off socks and sandals

Left to right is Adam Gardener, James Edie, Tom McKinlay, George Dowland, JJ Pogliaghi and Paddy McGrath. London loves you too.

John Smiths Rangers

A true force

The army of Alec Barrie, Chris Lynden, Chris Payne, Jake Garrod, George Sadler and Ed Kelly who study music production, music performance, environmental science, digital media and ecology.

Naomi Townsend

Naomi, who studies Law, created her parrot costume and attached all the feathers individually herself. You’re doing amazing sweetie.

We just love a brew 

Sally Keegan and Lucy Johnston who study Advertising and Visual Communications literally just love tea and we’re here for it.

When your costume doesn’t arrive

You just have to make do

Dan Lowton, Matt Cross, Luc Kear, James Lay, Dom Gayler, Ollie Rhoda, Mattie Deary and James McMurray were faced with the slight issue of their costumes not arriving on time but they were not phased. If there was an award for most resourceful, it would be all yours.

Love Hearts

Josie Cole, Becky Wisbey, Rose Butcher, Amy Baller, Laura Butler and Mel Mountford are all fourth years looking cute af in all pastel everythaaang.

Just a bag of ket 

How did u manage to get that in

Quack Beans and Verity Heron literally just went as bags of ketamine. If that’s not iconic I don’t know what is.

A strong and stable costume

Jess Muckleston, who ironically does actually study Politics, went as Theresa May cos bun the Tories.

Little Britain X Summer Ball 

Will Burdett as Vicky Pollard and Jake Naylor as the only gay in the village, Daffyd Thomas. That is all.