Security in Bournemouth is being upped after the Manchester attack

Places like Cameo and 7s festival are included

The Manchester attacks had a huge effect on many of us, with 22 victims having been killed. And so, police have stepped up their game by responding to the terror scare with the necessary actions to protect the community.

This comes after the UK increased its terror status to a ‘critical’ threat level earlier this week. However, as of today – the threat level is back down to ‘severe’ meaning that an attack is highly likely.

Outside Bournemouth 7s festival which is running this weekend

On their website, Dorset Police said: “Armed officers will be doing overt foot patrols, carrying a long-armed firearm, which is the first time this has happened in our area. This is not based on any change in intelligence or threat for the South West, but the decision has been taken, whilst we are at a critical threat level, to make firearms more deployable and visible to our communities. We think this is what the public would expect at this time.”

The long-armed firearms are semi-automatic rifles, to ensure that people feel safe and protected during this sensitive time. The police aim to provide as much reassurance as they can to those in the area, and encourage people to ask the officers any questions they have.

Dorset Police also said: “Separately we have been asked what the public should do in terms of attending events outside of our area. Anyone wanting to travel to big events should go and enjoy themselves but as always, we would urge everyone to be alert and not be alarmed, and keep an eye out for anything suspicious.”

It is not just regular foot patrols being done, either. Cameo, the Bournemouth club that holds the biggest student night in the country each week, is taking extra precautions by checking clubbers’ bags when they enter. They have just recently begun to do this, as well as hiring extra security staff to be present on site.

Bournemouth 7s Festival, the world’s largest sport and music festival, currently have police on site to make sure that the festival will be kept as safe as possible.

They also have a security team checking bags to be sure that the festival can be enjoyed by all and can run smoothly.

If you do notice anything suspicious that could be related to terrorism, you can report this to the Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789321 or call 999.