An ex-Bournemouth student starred on ITV’s gameshow The Chase

He got roasted on Twitter

One of Bournemouth Uni’s very own ex-students appeared on The Chase last week. Legend.

20-year-old Lennon Taylor, who studied Journalism at BU, aced his head-on battle in the cash builder round with the Chaser, The Beast, otherwise known as Mark Labbett.

He appeared on the show to raise money for a new guitar and to treat his fiancé, another ex-BUer, Jodie Barry.

Being the youngest member of the team, Lennon was a vital player and was ready to bring back the cash.

He got through to the final round

Lennon exclusively told The Tab Bournemouth how he found the experience. He said: “It was really nerve wracking and completely different playing in real life than it is sat on your sofa at home.

“Meeting Bradley Walsh and Mark Labbett was cool. It was great, and I’d recommend anyone giving it a go.”

Despite doing well in the first round, Lennon botched up one answer, and social media definitely let him know that he slipped up.

When facing the question “A mantelpiece is usually found above what household feature” Lennon looked baffled and answered “radiator?” Obviously this wasn’t right.

Bit savage.

Tbf Liv, it’s *mantelpiece.


He called the feedback “a fair bit of stick” and recommended anyone who is sensitive to that sort of thing to maybe give the show a miss.

He still got through to the final round despite the blunder, but unfortunately didn’t manage to scoop any winnings.

Along with fellow contestant Pippa, he was eventually caught out by The Beast with twenty seconds to go in the final chase.

Still a lad though.