The Inferno pub quiz is the best Monday night out you’ll ever have

They don’t call it Monday night madness for no reason

When you think of Monday nights in Bournemouth, most people think Halo or Lost. Truth is, if you haven’t even once attended Inferno’s pub quiz, you’re doing first year completely wrong. Here’s what to expect from the maddest Monday night in town.

Laz the Welsh quiz master is someone you’ll soon be familiar with. Up there on the mic shouting every swear word under the sun to either announce the start of the quiz, the end of the first round, the end of the second round, the end of the … (yep you get it).

Yeah. cash prizes did I mention?

Then there’s the inappropriate quiz names. What’s a quiz team without it’s name? Be prepared to go head to head in competition with the likes of Quiz on my face, Quiz Khalifa, Quizlamic State, Working for merkin, Ebony shat herself in Malaysia and shout out to the greatest of them all, West Hammered. Legends! Once the quiz is in full motion, all you’ll see and hear are endless Jäger bomb rounds, table banging, heckling, slut or mut questions and two of your most willing team-mates standing up the front to complete challenges. Whether that be how many choc ices can you eat in a minute or wrapping your team mate entirely in loo roll.

Whatever you’re doing on a Monday night, it will NOT be as important as this. A night that can’t be missed.

The quiz is every Monday, 8pm- 10pm and costs £1 to enter. Winning team takes the lot!