Bournemouth MP Tobias Ellwood gave CPR to victims during today’s London Attack

His actions have been described as “heroic”

A Bournemouth MP gave CPR to a stabbed police officer during London’s moments of panic today.

Tobias Ellwood was spotted on the scene at Westminster Bridge during what is being described as a “terrorist” incident this afternoon.

One woman has died and an unconfirmed number injured, after a man “mowed down” people walking along Westminister Bridge, where Mr Ellwood offered help.

His actions have been described as “heroic”, after panic surrounded the scene.

Bournemouth MP and Foreign officer minister for the Middle East,  Mr Ellwood is involved in Counter Terrorism work, and has come to Bournemouth University before to speak to students.

Bournemouth Student Tomas De La Rosa met Mr Ellwood during one of his talks at BU, over the Brexit debate. He said: “He was really passionate and seemed to care about issues. I didn’t get to chat with him as he was in a rush, but I had a good impression of him.”

The MP’s brother was also killed before in an attack, in Bali.

One police officer has been confirmed dead.

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