‘I thought I was going to die’: There was a power cut in Winton last night and everyone freaked out

It apparently affected 3,000 people

Power went off in the Winton area at around 9:30 last night and then came back on, for some, around 15 minutes later. Areas were affected differently but panic soon spread. There was no light whatsoever down the high street and power seemed to be glitching on and off for a few hours. People were unsure when the electrics would be back on, and others were more worried about the state of their frozen goods.

Twitter ascended into chaos.

Definitely zombie apocalypse, Terry.

Really Gary? Has it?

But others seemed less bothered and faced the challenge, Bear Grylls style.


Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) told The Tab last night: “We are working on restoring power and aim to have everyone back on by midnight. The fault is quite widespread and affecting part of our main network.”

By around 10:30 they had managed to restore power to around two thirds of the houses affected and hoped to have the rest switched back on by midnight.

A lot of people in the area seemed confused as to why certain roads and houses were affected and others weren’t, it seemed quite random where the problem was.

SSEN added: “It’s based on the way in which the network is laid out in the area, which doesn’t always seem very straightforward. Those without power are being supplied from the same substation and transformer.”

One resident affected said: “It’s scary, the lights flickered on and off and then went off like in a horror movie.”