I’m in a relationship, but I HATE Valentine’s Day


First of all – sorry Matt. Love you. Please feel free to buy me flowers still. But I hate Valentine’s Day.

People think that, just because it’s Valentine’s Day, you must go on a romantic date out for dinner or whatever. Stop.

Take your gf/bf/friend/self/cat out for dinner whenever the hell you want to boo. Treat yo’ self.

As for those ridiculously over-sized cards. Who buys these???? How do you store them/carry them around before you give them to the person? They’re HUGE. And they always have some picture of a bear and a balloon surrounded by love hearts or something disgusting with “to someone special” or “to the one who holds my heart” written on the front.

It’s a no from us

Whoever thought it was a good idea to bump up the prices of chocolate needs to be fired. This is not an ok thing to do to the female population. We need chocolate, ok? It’s not a choice. We need it like we need air to survive. Making it more expensive for an entire month because of Valentine’s Day is actually in breach of our human rights, I’ve decided.

Eye roll of disgust

It’s such a cliché saying but showing your appreciation for someone shouldn’t be limited to one day. Tell me I’m pretty, buy me flowers and play with my hair every damn day like I deserve.

It’s not even the fact that it’s so clearly just a marketing ploy, it’s also that people genuinely get sad or see it as a reason to feel bad about themselves because they don’t have a significant other to spend Valentine’s with.

*deep breath* IT IS ONE DAY OF THE ENTIRE YEAR! It is quite literally the 14th day of the second month out of 12 other (and let’s face it, better) months, and that is it.

You got this. Get your friends round, order your body weight in takeaway, whack Thelma and Louise on and realise that you are a strong independent person and you don’t need no Valentine’s Day to prove it.