Poole Police are the best force in the country and here’s why

They gave us all a bit of a shocker, but not in a way you’d expect

When scrolling through your Facebook timeline, memes are vast and large in quantity. But, have you ever seen a crime prevention meme? Me neither, well until this week.

Poole Neighbourhood Policing Team seem to be more up to date than anyone previously thought, catching onto the “Salt Bae” meme with their own little twist. Our local police have communicated to us via the language of our generation, and I for one never saw this day coming.

Move over pepe

Iconic. This is salt bae as we’ve never seen him before, sporting a police hat and sprinkling something a little more savoury: home safety and cyberspace advice.

That got our interest. It was certainly unexpected, and triggered people in the comments to actually improve their safety, with people asking for UV pens and asking other surprisingly appropriate questions.

The legends themselves, our men on the ground

The post wasn’t just for humour though. Home security is the real aim, and the force are encouraging us to mark our property, offering us “sensible advice” if we want it.

Grabbing hold of a UV pen can give the police a helping hand if your property gets stolen, to mark it as yours. Better colour in that MacBook right away.

They only want to keep us safe, and a meme every now and again can’t do any harm. Even if the Photoshop job on it is quite horrific.

Good job Poole Police. 10/10.