Bournemouth University are trying to help the police track an elderly man- can you help?

He’s rumoured to be asking for help crossing the road but then touching students inappropriately

Police are asking people to come forward with more information regarding a series of incidents where an elderly male has stopped students and asked for their assistance crossing the road.

He is then touching the girls in an inappropriate manner or saying inappropriate things to them. This is said to have taken place in the Talbot and Winton area over the past few months.

It is rumoured that previous incidents have occurred near Osborne, Sedgley and Frederica Roads.

Winton is a popular residential area for students

If you, or someone you know, has been affected by this or have any information regarding these incidents, then please contact PC Andy Scarratt from the University’s Neighbourhood Police Team by emailing either [email protected] or [email protected], providing you include your name, a contact number and a statement regarding what you know.

If you do not feel safe walking home alone, especially in evening or night time, then join the SUBU Safe Walk page to organise a group to walk with. This group works with the Student Union and currently has nearly 200 members.