What your shoe game at BU says about you

We took a look around BU campus to see what creps were ablaze, and which were not.

Coordinating your outfit every morning is tough enough as it is some days without someone slating your choices. Well we’ve done just that. Oops.

It’s a Monday on Talbot Campus. It’s clear that BU students suffer awfully from that Monday morning feeling and their choice of footwear has suffered as a result. Here’s a summary of what shoes we discovered on the feet of our associate comrades:

The Air Max Squad

The common Air Max wearers were out in abundance, pre their regular sesh at Halo on a Monday night where they’re most likely violently chewing gum and waving a VK in their hand ready to spill. Whether it’s a cheeky Nandos in Castlepoint you’re instagramming or that classic picture on the beach, the likes will be flooding in from your fellow ravers. Power to the house music (not that your flatmates understand your music choice of course, simpletons).


Not quite Air Max, but close enough

The trainer-all-day-er

Literally why. Unless you ran to uni today, please take them off your feet. Everyone knows you are part of SportBU, but even down to your creps? Take them off immediately. I can almost smell the protein shake in your bag the minute I look at your Nikes. Granted, they are a very comfortable choice, but just like Uggs, the trend died back in 09. Burn them or actually go on a jog, either or.


Delete, block, report

Delete, block, report

“I rode an elephant once” Flip Flops

Unless you’ve mistaken Talbot Campus for bondi beach, the look ain’t working for you babe. Traditionally paired with a few anklets, this keen traveller most likely posts throwbacks daily to remind all his eager followers about that one time he went on an all-inclusive family holiday in Thailand, but still won’t pipe down about it. Everyone knows by now that before “unay” you went on a “gap yah”. Yes, you might’ve given a pencil to a deprived child once, but does that mean that we have to look at your toes daily?

The wannabe AUBer

We all know this one. A collective sigh accumulates when they walk into the room, dressed head to toe in homemade clothing and things on their feet that really don’t resemble shoes. Did you get lost on your way in here? Oh no, your parents just didn’t want you to waste their money on an arty-farty degree, become a producer of a few short uni films then eventually decided you wanted to do something more “proper” all along. Maybe take off those fake glasses and open a text book instead of Tumblr.


Where's my art degree?

Where’s my art degree?

The guy who always wears proper dress shoes

You’re probably not supposed to be here, are you? Either clearing brought you to Bournemouth or the Russell Groups didn’t buy any of your personal statement malarkey. Your mum probably shops with you at M&S and pays for your train fare home every two weeks, and the residents here frighten you half to death. With no John Lewis around to save you, just how long will it take before an Adidas jacket creeps into your wardrobe?

The grown up with flashing trainers

Fair play mate, fair play. If I knew how to get my hands on some of your luminous footwear, I’d do it in a heartbeat. You make everyone’s night out when one too many Jäger bombs have been drunk, and normally you’ve prepared some moves to truly show them off. No one has to worry about losing you, as the chances of multiple flashing shoes in Vinyl are rare. Depending on how many shots you’ve had.