Cameo, it’s a yes from me

Everything that will happen when you’re ‘Cameoing’ every Wednesday

The bouncers know your name, the DJ knows what song you’re about to request as you stumble over to him, and your bank card goes into meltdown the next morning as it processes the vast number of Jagerbombs it was used to buy… I am ashamed (but not that ashamed) to say this is every Wednesday night at Cameo nightclub.


Cameoing? Cameoing

Just one word is needed in the group chat to establish how your night is going to end up. ‘Cameoing?’. To which the response from everyone is always ‘YAS’. It’s just a given that your Wednesday night will be spent in Cameo.


The yellow colour on every VK drinkers tongue

One or one hundred, it doesn’t matter. If you drink a VK it is just a given you do not stick your tongue out when the photographer comes round to your group (there’s always one that will though, isn’t there?).

I wasn't lying

I wasn’t lying

That red coat

Everyone knows the bouncer who wears the red trench coat. She pretends to check our ID against our faces but she knows exactly who we are and that we are here every single week. She’s probably embarrassed for us…

The multicoloured floor

While we all pretend Olly Murs doesn’t interest us, the second we hear his voice in the ‘Vinyl’ room then the stampede begins. Everyone heads to the dance floor to ‘sing’ their renditions of Fame, every S-Club classic and Whitney Houston. Including me. Tragic.

The photos

When the photographer walks around the club, you grab him 508 times approximately. Thinking you all look straight 10/10,  you grab your friends and pose. Then you see them on Facebook the next day…

Any thoughts that you look good on a night out disappear instantly. Say no more. But at least the Cameo camera filter isn’t as horrendous as the Lollipop one. God forbid you get a photo at Lollipop.


The Hangover

Hangovers are bad, we all know that. But the Cameo hangover is something else. It is just on another level. Thursdays are a write off. Lectures? Nope. Getting out of bed? Nope. A 7pm trip to KFC? Potentially. Very productive.


Cameo is not even a guilty pleasure… It’s just a necessary part of the week.

10 out of 10 would recommend to a friend

Big thank you to Cameo and Guilty Wednesdays and a special shout out to Cameo’s Event Manager, Jaycen Tuitt and General Manager, Zac Mucha, for our amazing Wednesday nights xoxo