Halo hint at upcoming Snoop Dogg appearance

Thug lyfe

Halo have released a clue hinting at who the “internationally renowned artist” on the bill next week will be, ahead of tickets going on sale tonight.

Having initially said only that the artist was “one of the biggest artists on the planet, an international superstar known the world over”, the church-based club posted a picture of gin and juice on Facebook.

Which, you know, probably means it’s Snoop Dogg.

The artist formerly known as Snoop Lion has recently been DJing under the moniker DJ Snoopadelic and would be a huge booking for both Halo and Bournemouth.


Can you tell who it is yet?

The Tab tried to confirm the rumour with Halo ahead of tickets going on sale at 7pm tonight, but the club refused to comment.

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