This cat keeps coming into our home for food

Our adopted pet is better than yours

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He comes round ours every day without fail to be stroked and adored by a house of 6 girls, and he doesn’t have to worry about making the decision between saving his money for Lidl or going out to Lollipop on a Friday.

No he’s not one of the varsity lads or a rich geezer from Dorchester. He’s Mr.Bumbles, Sophiepuff, or Puff Daddy (depending on who you ask).

photo 3

Poppin’ round for a cuppa

Since moving into our new house, we’ve received semi-regular visits from a black cat, looking for affection and free food wherever he can get it in Winton.

photo 4

He even came round for Christmas

The clearly well-fed cat (if you know what I mean) knocks and meows at our windows, staring with his big green eyes until someone let him in and strokes him religiously for hours while offering him some food.

When left unattended, he’s been known to creep towards full plates of dinner and lick up every last bean on the toast.

Time for a cat nap

Time for a cat nap

We don’t know his real name, and we don’t know where he really lives. We don’t even know if he makes similar visits to houses other than ours. He could well be the ultimate free-loader.

Until we get answers though, we’ll keep posing for pictures with him and making him wear Christmas party hats. Because that’s what friends are for.

Do you know his real name?

Do you know his real name?