Every degree has a classic stereotype

We all know they exist

The very best campaign videos of this year

They’re Oscar worthy, honestly

What do students at other universities think of Birmingham?

‘It’s full of hipsters, right?’

There’s no ‘proper’ way to make tea – it always tastes the same

Stop pretending it matters if the milk or water goes in first

Why getting a pet is the best way to spend your loan

They’re always happy to see you

Nothing beats the illicit thrill of having sex in public

Get over yourselves, it’s really not that bad

My Brummie accent doesn’t make me unattractive

No, we’re not from ‘Burrrrminnnum’

Second year cuts 10 inches of hair off for charity

She’s raised £371 for Mencap

Third years eat dead fish found outside their home in Selly

One of them made sushi

Vote: Selly’s Cutest Hamster – THE FINAL

You decide who will be Brum’s Next Top Hamster

VOTE: Selly’s cutest hamster

They’re all so adorable

The library booths are where Brum’s hauntingly beautiful artwork is hidden

It’s all so profound

Take Me Out came to UoB and it was amazing

‘If he doesn’t make you swoon, pop your balloon’

Tab TV: Brum’s Booze Night for Valentine’s Day

Everyone’s going to Cadbury World

Every girl you’ll meet in the FAB toilets

It happens every time

The Guild are fighting the NUS to reduce our university fees

‘First Class degrees, shouldn’t rely on additional fees’

UoB’s Drama group heavily criticised for promoting play with ‘sexist’ poster

A member of the Women’s Association said ‘the girls in underwear have no real relevance to the plot’

Vote: What’s the worst club in Birmingham?

Let’s decide this once and for all then never go there again

‘Social media gossip has added fuel to this’: Selly Oak Police speak out about crime

Police sought to reassure students about their safety on Twitter

Despite all the crime, I still love living in Selly

It will always be the best place in Brum