Kebab Reviews #3 – Rooster House

This week we also dipped into the world of chicken strips. Do you get it? Dipped? Oh

The most annoying things about freshers

We were all one once, but still

10 signs you’re a tragic mess

Now I’m not talking physical mess, I’m talking TRAGIC mess

It’s week two of kebab shop reviews: Food Republic

This week we coined the term coosoi chips

The economy crashing isn’t going to stop our UoB clubbers of the week

When are they going to start playing Christmas music in clubs?

The best of UoB’s Movember moustaches

It is almost time for the boys to get rid of that Tom Selleck disaster on their upper lip so let’s get generous!

Here’s a list on the best places to take your parents in Birmingham this term

It’s not just about a free meal out

We went to a pleasure workshop and here’s what we learnt about our vaginas

Apparently only 63 per cent of straight women orgasm during sex

Heard something you think
we should know?

We want to look into your case


We ranked all the kebab shops in Brum: week one, Pit Stop

The first of the ‘after stues’ kebab reviews’

Birmingham Nightline are spreading self-love at xpLosION this weekend

Come along and find Birmingham Nightline’s stall at the Explosion event on Saturday

Digbeth Dining Club comes to UoB for xpLosION

On Saturday Digbeth Dining Club makes its debut at the UoB campus for the biggest American Football event in The Birmingham Lions calendar

‘He’s a traitor’: Owner of Selly Cat speaks out

She doesn’t see him anymore

Brum’s Clubbers of the Week will teach you love, patience, and pain

I’m so fkin grateful for tequila

Fist fight at Indie Lounge between locals on Friday night

The man was ‘pinned to the ground’

Grab your boo, the Birmingham Christmas Markets open today

It’s peak cuffing season accompanied by bratwurst and fairy lights

We counted all the furniture on the streets of Selly to find out which road is the messiest

Surprisingly, mattresses weren’t the most common