How you can get involved in the biggest strike in Birmingham

The biggest strike will be happening on Wednesday 30th


Students will be aware by now that the majority of universities in the UK are currently striking, last week universities around the UK took part in two days of strikes on Thursday and Friday (24th and 25th). With the third and final day of strikes and picket lines happening this Wednesday, on November 30th.

Students being aware of the strikes means many have had time to form their own personal opinions about the strikes. The Birmingham Tab spoke to UoB students to see how they feel about the strikes.

Students have differing opinions on the strikes, some support the staff and the strikes causes whereas others are not in support.

If you choose to support the strikes there are ways you can get involved, one way is to head down to Birmingham City Centre on Wednesday 30th.

On Wednesday 30th the UCU are arranging a huge rally in London, but they recognise that not all supporters of the strike are able to make it to London, so regional big rallies are happening all around the country.

The West Midlands rally, which will include the UoB UCU branch, will be happening on Wednesday at 1.30, in the city centre to the Priory Rooms, on Bull Street.

This rally will give the different branches of the UCU in the West Midlands a chance to picket together and discuss the strikes.

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