Here is a definitive ranking of all the Selly supermarkets

And the best one to shop at as a student

Doing your own weekly shop is a crucial part of the university experience and, unless you are blessed enough to be able to afford a delivery, you make the weekly trek down to the Selly supermarkets. Where you shop for your food definitely tells a lot about you as a person. So, to make sure you get the best shopping, at the best price, here is the definitive ranking of all the Selly supermarkets!

8/8 – M&S Food

Starting off at the bottom is M&S food. I know, controversial! However, realistically, who is doing their weekly shop at M&S? Especially in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis? M&S is the type of shop you convince your parents to get for you when they visit, or a once-in-a-while treat to get some Percy Pigs or an upscale microwave meal. M&S, while absolutely elite in quality, is a shop I will wait to shop at until I’m earning at least fifty grand a year and driving a Range Rover.

7/8 – Poundland

The days when you would go into Poundland or, for those millennials, the 99p store (damn inflation) and cram a cup with pick-n-mix are over. However, now, nothing is actually ever a pound, the quality is rubbish and if a flatmate came home and said they had done a weekly shop at Poundland it would be a massive red flag. How is Poundland still in business and multiplying across the country? Do not do your weekly shop at Poundland and save yourself the stress.

6/8 – The food warehouse by Iceland

Did anyone actually know this existed until coming to uni? More importantly, does anyone actually do their weekly shop here? From my knowledge of other Iceland supermarkets, I can assume that this is a bigger, more stressful and poorly-organised version of your standard high street Iceland. However, as every student is partial to a bargain, Iceland provides some really good deals for frozen food, is reasonably priced and provides a wide range of options. It is uncertain if this store would provide enough products for a weekly shop, however, Iceland carries a large chunk of a student’s diet (frozen food) and for that reason, I have placed it sixth.

5/8 – Seoul Plaza

Seoul Plaza is a supermarket I would love to be able to shop at all the time. Filled with aisles of Asian cuisine, Seoul plaza adds a splash of culture and flavour to Selly Oak high street. The owners are always so nice and helpful and it has become a firm favourite with the students of Selly Oak. However, I have had to place it fifth as I know you would not be able to do a weekly shop here, but Seoul Plaza holds a place in all UoB student’s hearts.

4/8- Sainsbury’s Local

Sainsbury’s Local is a smaller and more expensive version of an already extortionate shop. However, extra points are granted for its position within Selly Oak and its convenience for times when you are halfway through cooking and realise you have forgotten a crucial ingredient. Credit is due for its selection of products and provided you went in there for a weekly shop, I do think you would return successfully with everything from your list. However, purely for the price, Sainsbury’s Local is ranked fourth on this list.

3/8- Sainsbury’s (AKA “big Sainsburys”)

I know what you are thinking, how is Sainsbury’s ranked so high? And my response to that would be, that you are lying if you say you do not love this absolute monster of a supermarket. Selly Oak Sainsbury’s is like a day out. You can walk in for some milk and walk out with a whole new bed set, a coat and the complete collection of Twilight films. It’s got everything you could possibly need, and it is fun for all the family. With the addition of the café and food options, Sainsbury’s Local makes big Sainsbury’s look like the more intelligent favourite child. Before sounding too generous, this superstore does have its downsides. It’s so big, it gets confusing to navigate and you can spend up to fifteen minutes looking for one ingredient! It also, as its reputation prevails, is way too expensive for a student to shop there every week.

2/8 – Tesco Express

I know this ranking is too generous, however, nothing can release me from my love for Tescos. Their meal deals are perfect to grab before a day on campus, their Clubcard deals are enough to make a sleep-deprived student smile and their bakery section warms the heart. Late-night Tesco trips are a vibe; you cannot tell me otherwise. Whether you would be able to do a full shop at Tesco Express is uncertain, they offer a wide selection of products so if you are there for the basics, I think you could make it work.

Tesco, although nothing in comparison to our first-place supermarket, also loses points for recently increasing the meal deal to a shocking £3.90. What is a poor student to do for lunch now?

1/8 – Aldi

Does this really come as a surprise to anyone? Aldi is the only place you could walk into for stir-fry ingredients and walk away with a mini fridge and waffle maker. Not only does Aldi offer a wide range of products, from dried food, meat, dairy and frozen food, but it also possesses the wonderous middle aisles. Which are always filled with the most random assortment of stuff and leave you entertained for ages. Aldi is also the most reasonably priced supermarket on this list, providing a cheap but high-quality weekly shop that will not hurt your budget.

It is worth noting that Aldi is rumoured to be closing soon for refurbishments, breaking the hearts of every Selly resident. For that reason alone -10000/ten, where will we all shop now?

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