In pictures: Birmingham Fight Night 2021

All you need to see from this year’s spectacular event

Tuesday 23 November saw Fight Night return to Birmingham.

24 University of Birmingham participants were pitted against each other in a series of 12 matches, each lasting just six minutes.

Hosted at Forum, Birmingham, the black-tie event was attended by more than 1500 excited fans.

The series of fights were hosted by University of Birmingham student, Gabe Ndumiso-Hope

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Fight 1

Caitlin Cahill (W) vs Osa Ugiabe

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Fight 2

Evelyn “Knockout Nemo” Lawrence (W) vs Ella Kon

Fight 3

Ayoub Djeffal (W) vs Seth “The Fiend” Furney

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Forum, Birmingham played host to Fight Night for the first time this year.

Pictured: Rebecca Lee, Izzy Wood, Darcie O’Meara, Ruby Werth

Fight 4

Greg Smith (W) vs Obosa “Canadian Nightmare” Osazuwa

Obosa told The Birmingham Tab: “I think it went well honestly. Stepping into the ring was so fulfilling after all the weeks of work that were put in.

“It was definitely a night that I’ll never forget,” he said.

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Fight 5

Harry “Sheffield Steel” Golland (W) vs James Booty

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Fight 6

Danny “The Groove” Gauci (W) vs Bilal “White Sauce” Sadaq

Bilal described to The Birmingham Tab: “I think it went ok, just glad I managed to walk out with nothing more than a purple nose and a minor concussion.

“Obviously I’m disappointed I lost my fight,” he said, “but I’m glad I spent the eight weeks learning how to fight properly and forcing myself to step outside of my comfort zone.”

Danny also commented on the match, telling The Birmingham Tab he “had a great time.

“It was a mad experience fighting in front of your mates,” he said.

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The night saw fans surround the ring to cheer for and support the contestants.

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Fight 7

Sammy “Lights Out” Lithgow (W) vs Caroline “Escobar” Evenden

“It was one of the best things I’ve done mentally and physically,” Caroline told The Birmingham Tab. “Surprisingly, taking a punch doesn’t hurt that much!

“The fight was so tiring, it felt like it lasted three hours, but then also it was over in a second!”

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Fight 8

Harvey Thompson (W) vs Ibrahim “Beast From The Middle East” Aliwi

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Fight 9

Jess “Pommethy” Norton (W) vs Louisa “Big Hit” Kitson

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Adhering to the Black Tie dress code, for many of Fight Night’s attendees, it was their first time watching a live boxing match.

Fight 10

Lewis “Freshman” Carroll (W) vs Morgan Thomas

Lewis described the night as “quality” and told The Birmingham Tab: “It was so good having all my family and friends there and was quality to get the win.”

Fight 11

Jordan Lehane (W) vs Ollie Howl

“The event went well during the fights, the crowd was so loud which was sick,” Ollie told The Birmingham Tab.

“I would recommend doing it to other people in the future.”

Fight 12

Harrison “The Bully” Coeulle (W) vs Toby “Dwayne The Prawnstar” Rock

Harrison told The Birmingham Tab he was “pleased with the result but disappointed with how he fought. I thought I didn’t get to showcase the skills I learned in the eight weeks.

“I engaged in a brawl rather than a technical fight,” he said.

“It was an amazing atmosphere though and I would recommend it for anybody considering it.”

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Fight 13

Jordan “Death The Kid” Tob-Ogu (W) vs George Hartson

“It was very challenging coming from rugby,” George explained to The Birmingham Tab. “The level of fitness required is completely different.

“It was an awesome night.”

To sign up as a contestant in next year’s Birmingham Fight Night, register here.

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