The Guild of Students have voted in support of BUCU strikes

Strikes across the country concerning pay and pensions kicked off this morning

UoB students have voted yes for the Guild of Students to support industrial action this week.

77.94% of the turn-out voted in solidarity with the BUCU in their fight against pension cuts, pay cuts, and poor working conditions at UoB.

Voter turn-out in the referendum was 2085 students, just narrowly reaching the required amount of students at 2000.

The Guild of Students ran a referendum to ask the students of the University of Birmingham whether they wanted their student union to support the BUCU strikes this week.

2085 students voted. Of these, 77.94 per cent (1625 people) voted “yes”. 20.53 per cent  (428 people) voted “no”. 1.53 per cent (32) of the voters abstained, meaning they with-held their vote.

Today strikes began surrounding the UoB campus. Many staff and students have come out despite the poor weather conditions to protest against these issues.

Over the next few days (1st-3rd December) there will be teach out sessions run by the BUCU for students and staff to participate in.

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