Violence and sexual offences in Birmingham student areas are higher than pre-Covid levels

Figures went up in Edgbaston, Selly Oak and Moseley during the first six months of lockdown.

Research by personal safety device, DoorJammer, has found that violence and sexual offences in key student areas of Birmingham are higher than pre-pandemic levels.

Sexual offences and violence in Edgbaston, Selly Oak and Moseley had a higher monthly average across the first six months of lockdown when compared with a year prior to lockdown, despite the majority of students spending more time in their student accommodation, or going home.

Digbeth has significantly higher violence and sexual offences than in other key student areas.

Burglaries began to fall towards the end of the academic year, however DoorJammer Chairman Roger Willems commented: “We don’t anticipate that they will remain at these levels across the new academic year as students enjoy a more complete university experience, rather than largely being confined to their rooms.”

DoorJammer’s top tips for staying safe whilst at university include:

1. Keep your door locked when you are inside

This is particularly important when you’re asleep, and always lock your room when you go out.

2. Keep your valuables in a safe place

Store them away from view of any windows and if you can, mark your laptop and phone to make them more recognisable and deter thieves.

3. Stay vigilant

You are part of a community so it’s important to be aware of any suspicious people that you don’t recognise.

4. Communicate with your peers.

If you are heading out, let your housemates know where you are going and what time you will be back.

5. Invest in your safety

Consider buying security devices such as a wireless tracker to help keep track of keys and other valuable items or a personal alarm. Make sure you have contents insurance to ensure that, if your things do get taken, you are not left out of pocket.

6. Avoid walking home alone in the dark

The Selly express is a free evening shuttle bus service from campus to Selly Oak. From Monday 18th October, the bus will collect students from outside the main library at intervals between 7:00 pm and 12 am. Students will be dropped off as near to their front door as they can to ensure safety at night.

via DoorJammer

Roger Willems, DoorJammer Chairman further stated: “We want all students to enjoy themselves as they embark on their university life or return after 18 months of pandemic interruptions, so we urge them to take sensible steps to protect both themselves and their property so they can enjoy everything university life has to offer.”

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