We spoke to UoB students about returning to in-person lectures

Can’t say we’ve missed 9AM’s

The University of Birmingham’s blended learning approach has led to the return of in-person lectures for the majority of students across the uni. For many, this will be their first time ever setting foot in an actual lecture theatre on the Edgbaston campus.

With in-person teaching resuming, there are a mix of reactions towards the change. We spoke to students about how they feel.

Our Instagram survey revealed that 67 percent of students are excited by the thought of in-person lectures returning.

First year English Language student Tiggy Lovering detailed to The Birmingham Tab how “it’s so nice being able to attend lectures on campus.

“I feel like I can get the real university experience and it’s great to meet module conveners and other people on my course in person.”


Jimber Zoilo, a third year Psychology student described to The Birmingham Tab the positive effect being on campus has had on his mental health. “It’s nice to see everyone back together again!

“It doesn’t feel lonely and isolated, and helps people like me motivate myself to study and use the facilities on campus more,” he said.

Another new face at the university, Mathilda Rhodes seemed to have a good first impression of studying in-person. “It feels like a nurturing campus full of people passionate about their subjects and willing to meet new people,” the first year student explained to The Birmingham Tab.

Maddy Vince, who is in her second year of studying Chemistry experienced very little in-person teaching in her first year, and described how being in uni felt “very Sims university vibes”. She told The Birmingham Tab: “It feels so lovely to finally walk to campus and see everyone moving about at last.

“The only downside is getting lost on campus trying to find lectures for the first time like a fresher, which feels embarrassing as a second year!”

For second year Law with Business student Alessia, it’s also her first time on campus experiencing normal lectures. “Its nice to see my tutors face to face and be able to build relationships with them and my course mates,” she explained to The Birmingham Tab. “It also helps me focus and engage more than when I was online.”

Josie Pye, a first year doing Social Policy and Criminology shared much the same sentiment, describing that “being on campus for lectures is so much better than online learning.

“My lecturers have been so understanding which has made the transition into uni life much easier,” she said.

Although she attended her first year of university before the pandemic, third year English Literature student Charlotte Thornton explained to The Birmingham Tab that, after being away from campus for so long she “did feel a bit weird at first about going in this morning.”

However, despite her initial reservations, she described how “after my first lecture back I felt so much more productive than I have done the whole year.”

However, 33 percent of students still showed some hesitancy towards the return. Chris, a second year Biochemistry student told The Birmingham Tab: “with Covid still about, I worry about the safety of our lectures and finding friends just seems so daunting.”

Third year student Alana, who studies Engineering also felt “overwhelmed and already exhausted” about returning back to campus and creating a new routine.

Inevitably, students will hold a range of viewpoints, and it’s up to the university to offer a flexible approach which accomodates the various situations people find themselves in. Remember, ALWAYS reach out to someone this year if you’re struggling; don’t let the coming months overwhelm you.

We wish that this academic year is your best one yet!

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