I built a LEGO Old Joe and it was as chaotic as expected

No instructions, no problem.

UoBe week gave us one week less of the winter break and a whole load of extra stress. However, it did also give us the chance to build a LEGO Old Joe, there’s always a silver lining.

As soon as I ordered my LEGO Old Joe back in January for UoBe week, I was excited. Excited for the thrill of building it, and  excited to display it.

Although it took over a month to arrive it was absolutely worth it.

ding dang dong … UK hun?

I was glad that at least some of my £9250 this year was spent on something that wasn’t online, doubling up as a pretty sick decoration on my desk.

Citing delays from Brexit, the pieces came three weeks late, but better late than never I guess?

We were off to a rocky start; the instructions weren’t included and the building blocks were lovingly packaged in a sandwich bag. UoB really outdid themselves here.

Eco friendly UoB with their reusable packaging

However, I found the instructions online and we were off to a strong start.

Assembling our Big Ben of the Midlands was easy enough, even for an amateur LEGO enthusiast. The hour or so I spent assembling it felt like free therapy. The serotonin produced was similar to that feeling of finally getting a danger Fab ticket.

Assembling the base

A few steps were fiddly, including me losing a vital piece which led to me scouring my floor for a while. One thing that surprised me was how tall the model was.

To be fair Old Joe is one tall boy, and at this point i’ve forgotten how big he is in the flesh.

He is getting there

I added the final pieces to the tower and we were complete! My very own Old Joe is a sight to behold.

The beautiful free-standing clock tower

So, miraculously it has been built. The Old Joe shaped hole in my heart is no longer there. I’m just waiting for it to start chiming now.

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