Brum lockdown takeaway reviews #1 – Dixy Chicken

I previously had no clue to why this place was so popular

The kebab reviews are but a distant memory. All the way back to first year, I set out trying to revolutionise the way in which we all considered late night food; I failed.

All my guests were too hammered to be even slightly coherent, as was I. Irregardless of this fact, the series was of such massive cultural and social significance that I felt as if I had a responsibility to come back and fulfil my purpose. I present Volume 2: The Cluckdown.

Along with my housemates, we will be reviewing the best fried chicken that Selly Oak has to offer. This week, I took two of my housemates Max and Harry to Dixy Chicken.

Max (left) and Harry (right)

Atmosphere: 5/10

Greg: I noticed that social distancing was observed

Max: It’s very tacky, I’m not huge on the LED lights but it gives me a feeling of Christmas nostalgia

Harry: Dixy’s always has a true sense of community spirit and is very friendly. My guy in the blue vest is here every single evening. He’s a committed member of staff.

Greg: It’s 90% Deliveroo or Uber eats, I feel like I’m in an amazon stock room.

Max has just asked someone if they come here often. After noting their response, I quickly realised this wasn’t a particularly effective place to pull.

COVID safety is of top priority to the branch

Price: 6/10

Harry and I both got the mega mix meal for £4.79- it’s not bad value considering it’s a huge burger with a hash brown, and you get chips and two wings with it too.

Max wouldn’t stop banging on about the onion rings but I personally would stay away from them. Max asserted that they’re a good way of figuring out the standard of food and they’re only £1.09.

Customer Service: 8/10

The wait time was very long, probably because of the Uber eats.

Harry: Considering it’s 1:45am you wouldn’t think it would take 15 mins to get your food- you expect peak service and fast staff.

I asked Dixy employee Ali why this shop stands out as the best amongst the rest:

“It’s a strong brand” he confidently asserted. I asked him about the recipe; he laughed cheekily before turning serious again; ‘You’ll never know the secrets’ he whispered. Besides from this, he was pretty friendly. His level of commitment to the corporation deserves big marks.

Max: They offer card payment which is very sensible. Maybe the only shop on the Costa del Selly strip that does.

Ali was particularly friendly

Taste: 6/10

This is what is important. I have to say the burger absolutely slapped; the hash brown is such a hearty addition and rounds it off nicely.

Harry: It has a nice familiarity to it like a warm hug.

The wings on the other hand weren’t great. They were really crispy but didn’t actually have much substantial chicken. On a positive note they were actually quite spicy which was good. As for Max, I have no idea what he rated the onion rings. I don’t even think he knows what he rated them. The chips have zero crispiness whatsoever (since they’ve been carried in a paper bag back to the house) but the seasoning is ok.

A Mirinda is the only worthy drink choice

Overall: 6/10

In conclusion, the place is paradoxical; the atmosphere is tacky yet nostalgic, the staff are friendly yet closely guard their most important secrets. It feels like Uber Eats HQ but the food is definitely decent and a good spot to come to if you decide to have a few drinks with your house, and get hungry late at night.

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