UoB is finally offering a rent rebate to students in university accommodation

Student’s won’t have to pay rent for a month if they don’t return to their halls

UoB Students in university and ‘nominated’ partner accommodation won’t have to pay rent from the 11th January to the 12th February. This is in line with England’s 3rd national lockdown, where students are asked to “to remain at their vacation accommodation until the resumption of their in-person teaching, wherever possible.”

First year students received this email on 13 January and discussions of a future rent reduction will be taking place in due course.

The email received by students

All accommodation, including private companies such as Unite and Host will be offering this refund. This follows the emergence of the UoB rent strike campaign across Facebook and Instagram and calls for refunds among many students.

Students who have not already returned to their accommodation are entitled to a rent refund for the four weeks from the 11th January, and will be contacted by the university to confirm this. In addition, those on meal plan will also not be charged for the food element of their rent during this period. The deadline is 20th January to claim this.

This follows similar moves with other Universities, such as Bristol, where rent won’t be charged until the Easter holidays for students in accommodation. Birmingham’s communication on rent refunds is the first of this academic year, having previously disregarded suggestions for a rent reduction in the first semester.

Although for some first year students, this move is too late having already returned back to halls. The UoB rent strike campaign is reportedly not happy with this decision, and thinks the initial four week period should be longer to claim a refund.

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