27 UoB memes to remind you how much you miss Brum over the holidays

A little pick me up in times of deadlines


Christmas is here (well, almost!), with deadlines and exams looming, what better way to spend your time by scrolling through memes that describe your chaotic semester one at UoB.

1. Kicking off with the classic does it even feel like a break with both deadlines AND exams

2.  We’ve all been doing this for the past semester …

3. When Spotify Wrapped came to UoB

4. Ah, the joys of Aldi’s finest wines

5. Can’t believe the bins went on more nights out than me this semester

6. The teaching and learning building has been open nearly a year and the stairs still don’t make sense. 1 or 2 stairs at a time?

7. Begone Library crush, introducing Zoom crush <3

8. Reminiscing on the good ‘ol days of fab, where many taccy chunders did take place

9. Online learning doesn’t mean its gonna be more productive

10. Might as well do a full face of makeup for the big trip out

11. Extra points if you did the lecture from your bed too


13. Unfortunately the hangovers are the same no matter where you drink

14. Rethink. Reskill. Reboot

15. Money well spent, right?

16. It’s so cold

17. Just in case you needed some fashion tips

18. Feeling attacked with this starter pack

19. Joe’s I miss you 🙁

20. Good ‘ol Brum

21. Big Sainsbury’s is a serotonin booster

22. It’s the pink cowboy hat for me

23. Tier 3 things x

24. Spoiler: It works


25. Please give us a break 🙁

26. I’ve had enough now!

27. Bold of you to assume I have any brain cells left

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