Here are the top 10 tips to make Old Joe look fierce AF

Get those basic bitch angles

Just when you thought you were going to have to ring the girl off This Morning to replace Old Joe’s ‘bongs’ we received the news I know you have been waiting for… OLD JOE IS GOING TO GET HIS CHIMES BACK!

Not to be over dramatic or anything, but 2020 could just be saved with this news.

To respect the world’s tallest free standing clock tower we have collated the best instagrammable angles that are enough to make anyone look like an influencer.

Attention seeking Old Joe

If you decide to capture Old Joe in this frame, then I suggest you don’t be in the picture; let’s face it all the attention goes to Old Joe.

all eyes on you joe

A clock of the people, by the people, for the people

Taking a picture of Old Joe in Selly really makes you feel #humble and this will show your friends and followers that you are not out of touch.

Spooky Joe

Anyone else get Trapped vibes from this angle?

spooky joe

Working hard – or hardly working?

At first impression this may seem like one of the more boring angles. However with the library in shot this will guarantee approval from the family back home.

library old joe

Lucky Old Joe

@All first-year students, look outside your accommodation, you might find an angle that sets you apart from the rest.

rainbow joe

The go-to angle

Not feeling too adventurous? Fear not, as this location is easy, simple but verrrry effective in showcasing Old Joe in all his glory. Straight down the middle of the Green Heart is a fail-safe option.

Night joe

Cultured and Cosmopolitan

Surprisingly this angle of Old Joe isn’t a well known, nor loved one, but this has so much potential. By encompassing the Bramall Building, it just oozes sophistication.

bramall joe

Low-key vibes

This is perfect for those who don’t want to make a fuss of the world’s tallest freestanding clock tower (a bit weird though). This angle subtly gets that message across.

green joe

Magical Old Joe

If you put this on your Instagram you instantly give the impression of being indie and mysterious all in one. What more could you ask for?

vibey joe

If you’re not going to love Joe at his worst then you don’t deserve him at his best

If there was an X Factor final for clock towers, then this may face the cut at the dreaded judges’ houses. Picture this: Louie Walsh patronisingly saying ‘you’re not ready yet’ but Old Joe fights back and eventually becomes a star.

This angle is so much deeper than what you first thought, there’s emotion behind it, making it a must-have picture as the underdog at UoB.

boring joe

As much as we should all make a fuss of Old Joe we just have to remember not everyone’s going to understand our obsession, but it’s okay; we just have to remember that Old Joe isn’t like any other clock tower… he’s special – Alexa play ‘Ordinary Girl.’

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