Timetables for UoB Computer Science students have not yet been finalised

Some students still haven’t been fully registered

It’s been three weeks since university has started, however some UoB students studying Computer Science and the Year In Computer Science are having problems with their timetables and being registered.

Students are currently unable to structure or plan their weeks in advance as students have to book for on campus lectures.

Some second year computer science students have yet not had any in person contact for their in school tutorials or lab sessions because of the current timetabling chaos. 

The university told The Birmingham Tab, “we were working up until the start of the Semester to make sure that staff and students had a safe environment in which to work and study, that also allows engaging and instructive teaching.”

Computer Science building

Josh a second year computer science student, has not yet had any in person contact for his tutorials or lab sessions because of the current timetabling chaos. “Many departments have been left in the lurch by the upper management of the uni. Lecturers have been given very short notice on many things, have not been properly equipped by the uni and have been left to figure things out by themselves,” he told The Birmingham Tab.

“The timetabling system has been erratic, forcing the school to create and maintain a separate system for timetables. Overall it’s once again the uni’s upper management that has let the real hard working staff down; they’ve had six months to plan this semester and it feels like it was thrown together in the past two weeks,” he continued. 

The Birmingham Tab contacted the University of Birmingham who have said, “in Computer Science we prioritised first-year and final year students in the first instance, but the second years can look forward to a busier timetable from next week.”

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