Someone has been faking their time as a UoB student and it might be the craziest Brumfess we’ve ever seen

‘I got deeper and deeper into the lie’

In what is perhaps the craziest Brumfess to ever grace our screens, someone is claiming to have lied about going to UoB for three years. They allegedly lied to their parents, friends and lecturers for the last three years in order to fake an entire degree. Sneaking into societies, lectures and freshers events, this Brumfesser infiltrated the university as a fake student, and they have finally decided to come clean.

An anonymous post on Brumfess was shared yesterday in which the person claims to have been pretending to be a student at the University of Birmingham for three years. The confessor failed their A-Levels and fearing their parents disappointment, “made a fake results letter which they believed.”

With the fear that they would “potentially be disowned,” they decided the only way out was to lie about the results. The ‘student’ moved into private accommodation in the city with other students and even snuck into societies and lectures.

“I assumed I would work out a way to tell them in the future but as time went on I got deeper and deeper into the lie. 3 years ago I moved into private accommodation in the city centre with other students […] remarkably everything went fine when my parents came up from London with me to help me move in.”

The Brumfess claims that they kept up the lie with their friends and other students in order to “fit in.” “I ended up going to freshers week and managing to go along to societies as a non member.”

Convincing a fellow student on their course that they couldn’t access their timetable, they managed to get a timetable for lectures. “I was shocked how easy it was to get into lectures and made many friends who all believed me.”

The writer says “I didn’t want to admit I had lied” to friends. “I would just join in complaining about deadlines.” When it came to being absent from exams, the confessor said they “had anxiety and had to be in a separate room.”

Through the financial support of their parents and “working in a restaurant to save up money,” they moved into a house with course friends “and kept going with the lie.”

Obviously, the “biggest concern was going to be my parents wanting to go to graduation but now its cancelled it couldn’t be more perfect for me” – pleased it’s worked out for someone.

The user has considered moving countries to escape the lie. However, they believe they know their subject well from “reading the textbooks and having to maintain conversation with my course mates.” So, rather than escaping to another country, they plan to “just put my fake degree on my CV and go with it.” With the hope that “no company is going to check my degree so thoroughly they find me out as a fake.”

The Brumfess has received 1000 reacts and 750 comments with other students offering advice and help. One student even warning of a criminal record and being blacklisted for lying about a degree.

There might currently be a pandemic, but this might still have to be the weirdest part of 2020 yet.

If you think you may know the identity of this Brumfesser, or maybe you’re the genius behind this double life, please get in contact with The Birmingham Tab.