First year student has tested negative for Coronavirus

He was escorted away in an ambulance yesterday evening

A first-year UoB student has tested negative for coronavirus, after an ambulance was called to his university halls yesterday evening.

This comes after hazmat suits were seen on video entering the Tennis Courts accommodation, with speculation suggesting coronavirus symptoms.

The student’s girlfriend phoned the ambulance to his Tennis Courts accommodation at around 6pm Wednesday evening. The student was cleared of the virus soon after arriving at the hospital.

He is now said to be recovering at home.

The University of Birmingham told The Birmingham Tab that “we understand everyone is concerned about COVID-19 but can confirm at this time there are NO confirmed cases among our staff and students. It is our policy to tell staff and students should we have a confirmed case. In addition, if we did have a confirmed case, Public Health England would take over and direct us in terms of appropriate action. Please continue to visit FAQs for the latest advice and information.”